Meet Cifrare, and Our Story

We are Ricardo and Adriana, founders of Cifrare. We come from the world of software engineering, and graphic design. I (Ricardo) have worked for over a decade building everything from data base architectures, data analysis dashboards and mining systems to the development of web apps, while my wife Adriana, have been in the graphic design and marketing industry for more than five years. Our loves for brain puzzles comes from the belief that the art of crafting great puzzles, requires engineering skills, craft arts and design to be in harmony. Behind every great puzzle you will always find smart minds.

We have always think that brain puzzles are a source of brightness, that challenges the mind and create deep connections between different areas in your brain. For these reasons, we thought, why not to bring a unique experience to regular people, just like you and me, where everybody can train their brains to be more efficient and healthier by being exposed to challenging but fun, unique and beautifully crafted brain puzzles delivered to their homes or offices every month. This is why Cifrare was born.

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