5 Tips for a healthy mind

The same way there are tips to maintain your body in shape, there are also key things you can do to keep your mind active and sharp.

Consume Omega 3 daily

They are polyunsaturated fat or essential cellular fat. There are several researches that support that Omega 3 is a big player in the process of keeping your brain healthy. In 2013 a research from the University of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) concluded that the ingestión of Omega 3 supplements daily can help with your memory and to prevent people from developing Alzheimer.

Omega 3 is present on oats, quinoa, nuts, olive oil and several type of fish as tuna, salmon, anchovy and sardine. A good balanced diet should always include at least 2 portions of 3 – 4 oz of fish a week.

Sleep 8 or more hours a day

Having a good night sleep will help you to remember things that you want to do the next day or in another time. This so called “prospective memory” include things like remembering to take your prescriptions daily or to buy an anniversary card, according to Washington University in St Louis. “Having a good night sleep reinforce this type of memories”, they said.

Exercise daily

Physical exercise activate the production of the corticotropin hormone or CRF, which has a protective effect on the brain in general. Actually, a research from Nottingham University (United Kingdom) found that exercising at least 30 min daily, will reduce the chances of developing Alzheimer in a 75%.

Learn another language

According to a paper from Pennsylvania State University, people who speak more than one language has greater mental flexibility. They found that having both languages active all the time, make both to be processed simultaneously, which develop stronger brain muscles and better brain’s executive functions.

Exercise your brain with Brain Puzzles and Riddles

Now a days, is common knowledge that the brain gets organized and developed as it goes through live, this phenomenon is known as “Brain Plasticity”. One of the best and most entertaining ways to exercise your brain is by playing regularly with physical brain puzzles. The solving process you brain goes through while playing, increase the flow of blood through your brain, sharpen your mind and minimize the effects of aging.

The key for keeping a healthy brain and a sharp memory is to stimulate and exercise it daily as well as having a good and well balanced diet.

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